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If you need to get more eyeballs on your business various web properties, you need to talk to Dhes at Seo Specialists Sydney. He simply gets search engine optimisation and will answer any and all questions you need to make sure you are fully informed before he takes your project on. Hot tip, ask him about improving your web presence through Video SEO, and thank me later

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Dhes was able to consult with me on a project that I was working on and together we were able to find and resolve a big problem with a clients site structure which helped the websites rankings improve significantly. I wholeheartedly recommend SEO Specialists Sydney!

Christian Weiss

Owner, Premier Law Firm SEO

Welcome to SEO Specialists Sydney

If you want to be competitive in today’s business world you need to have a strong online presence that makes you easy to find and contact. Recent studies estimate that up to 70{a76bce5cf67e3979c916c018e92d6b0d8131db15fe9324bbb85ee6f2e8715428} of all buying decisions involve online research at some point. If Sydney residents and visitors can’t find you online, then there’s no way you are going to be able to bring in those potential customers. While search engine optimisation (SEO) is more challenging than ever before, it’s also much more important. The good news is that with our experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable professionals at your service you can rest easy knowing that the SEO specialists Sydney residents can count on have your back!

Why You Need An SEO Consultant

Ranking on the first page of Google and other major search engines doesn’t happen by luck, especially when you are in a competitive urban market like the city of Sydney. While word of mouth business is always nice, how do you get more new customers before then? How do you reach customers who don’t know your solid group of core believers? This is where marketing and advertising have always come in, and nothing reaches a broader audience than online search engines like Google.

Think about it: up to 70{a76bce5cf67e3979c916c018e92d6b0d8131db15fe9324bbb85ee6f2e8715428} of all buying decisions involve online research. If you’re not online (or are buried online), that’s 7/10 of all potential business not coming to you, leaving you to fight for the scraps in even the best case scenario. This number is only going to become even more lopsided as the years continue to go by and younger people who grew up with technology will keep growing and replacing those customers who went most their life without computers.

This brings up a hard truth: the best website in the world doesn’t do you any good if no one can find it! You’re not going to get to the top of Google by chance, but we have  SEO consultants Sydney small businesses rave about because we know how to get long-term results that will help you go to the next level!

Specialists in SEO

On Page Optimisation

How good is your website, really? Even if the design is beautiful, is the coding clean? Do you use title tags properly to get an SEO boost? Is the content engaging? We understand that the best SEO campaigns start at your virtual storefront. You need top notch on page SEO to get in good with Google and the other major search engines, and also to avoid the penalties that come from not having certain parts of your website set up the way that the search engine spiders want to see them.

Our professionals work with you to address the keywords, the design, the functionality of your website. Often times small changes or tweaks can make a massive difference and that can make the difference between being stuck on page two being beat by your competition or jumping to page one and getting your cut of that online business.

Off Page optimisation

Make no doubt about it, off page optimisation is crucial to your success, especially if you want those top three spots for your best keywords! While your on page work needs to be immaculate, if it is then taking care of off page factors becomes the deciding factor between the sites at the very top and the ones that are buried further down in the rankings.

Just a short list includes:

    • Getting backlinks from reputable sites in similar niches
    • Having an active social media presence
    • Make sure you have fast reliable hosting
    • Business & map listings claimed
    • Building trust and authority

There are many other factors that affect SEO, in fact, there are over 200 different factors that affect search engine optimisation in some way, although certain factors are far more important than others.

Off page optimisation is a place where our professionals really shine. They have built the relationships with other bloggers, website owners, and online properties to get quality links for virtually any niche. There’s a reason we are the SEO experts Sydney residents trust. We know how to get good backlinks, to claim the listings your business needs to get the attention of the search engines and set up your website to build up the trust and authority it needs over time in order to thrive even in the most competitive of Sydney niches.

These are resources you simply won’t have at your disposal without our help, and it’s one of the reasons SEO agencies are so important to the success of many businesses. That being said, we take pride in not being like the competition, because we rise above them!

When “good” just isn’t good enough for you when it comes to results, then it’s time to give us a call. We’ll help you hit that next level with SEO work that won’t let you down!

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